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Smart Bracelet I5 PLUS user manual
Smart Wristband IWOWN I5 PLUS user guide

Read the instructions carefully before using the device

The Smart Wristband I5 PLUS only supports the following selected mobile devices:

IOS: OS must be IOS7.0 or later, Bluetooth 4.0; Such as: iPhone 4S, 5, iPod touch5,etc.
Android: OS must be Android4.3 or later, Bluetooth 4.0; Such as: Samsung S4, Note3,etc.

Function Icon

Time: 00:00 Steps: Distance:
Calories: Alarm clock: Sleep monitor:
Move Alert: Call ID Display: Message Push:
Bluetooth: Autodyne: Bluetooth broadcast:

Quick Start Guide

1. Charge:

Please charge the bracelet for 30 mins before using. Pull out the host as below picture, Insert the host to a 5V/1A USB port for charging. The red indicating light stops flashing when it is full charged for 30 minutes.

2. Install APP:

Go to App store or google play store, download APP: “Zeroner” and install it. To use Zeroner APP, make sure your mobile device connected with internet via Wi-Fi or 3G.

3. Account set-up:

Open the “Zeroner” App. Log in if you have an account, or register a new account.

4. Bracelet Operating Instructions:

You can use the bracelet by “gesture control” or “touching” the screen.

Gesture control:

It is convenient to check the time by “wrist gesture”.

Keep the bracelet screen horizonal
Then turn wrist over
The bracelet will be turned on automatically, then time shows up.


Turn onLong press the bracelet screen
Light up the screenClick the screen or turn the wrist over
Turn offSlip left and right to the interface , then switch to , then long press the screen to turn off the device
Switch functionSlip left and right
Start the voice controlLong press the screen when time displays ,Device switched to the voice mode a bluetooth earphone or a line control earphone is required for this function, meanwhile you should turn on the voice function on the APP
page turningClick the screen
ConfirmLong press the screen

Note:Function may be changed and upgraded according to the bracelet hardware update. For further information, please refer to “Help” option on APP.

5. Pairing:

Keep your phone with bluetooth and WIFI “on” for this step.

1). Log in the App Zeroner, show the main page. Tap the top left corner button or slip the screen from left to right, and click [Device Connection]

2). Double press the bracelet touch screen, the radar icon “” shows up on the bracelet, Tap the button [Searching device] on APP, select your right ID from the device list, and wait for 1-2 seconds

3). Android device will pop up [Device pair request], choose “confirm”, and finish pairing.

4). IOS device will pop up [Pair Device Success], [Bluetooth Pairing Request], click ”pair”, and finish paring.

If the pairing pop-up do not appear within 1 minute,repeat the above steps.

6. SYNC Data

The bracelet SYNC data automatically after connected with phone by APP(Zeroner), the bracelet time will be calibrated same as the time of phone. SYNC data includes:steps,calorie,distance. You can check if the data SYNC is completed successfully on the APP. It will take 1-2 minutes to SYNC data for first time. SYNC data can be done manually by clicking the refresh button on APP too.

7. Sleep monitor

Start Sleep Mode: the bracelet will distinguish if the wearer is sleep or awake everyday time 20:00 to 09:00, if the wearer sleep, then the bracelet will start sleep monitor mode automatically, the icon show up.

Exit sleep mode: when the wearer awake and move around 1 minute,the bracelet exit sleep monitor mode automatically,the bracelet will exit sleep mode and back to time display.

8. Reset the bracelet

Slip left and right to the interface , then switch to , then long press the screen to turn off the device

9. For more functions, please download APP “Zeroner” to use.


1. Q:When connected with App, the data SYNC is finished but the bracelet time display is still incorrect
A: Reset the bracelet and try data SYNC again

Q: After the bracelet connected with APP,why the bracelet didn’t show call ID when the call coming?
A: Android Phone: After connected with bracelet with APP, please allow “zeroner” to visit calls,SMS,contacts and keep “ Zeroner” running in background.If there are security software on your phone,set the software “zeroner” as “trust”.
IOS: If your phone is iphone,please restart your phone and connect the bracelet again.When connect please wait until the phon e pop up “bluetooth pairing request” and click “pair”,the call ID display function comes.

2. Q:The bracelet icon shows the bluetooth was connected, but the APP cannot SYNC data?
A: Generally it is caused by the bluetooth of the phone. Please switch off the APP firstly, restart the bluetooth and repair. If the above step does not work, please restart your phone and try again.

3. Q: Why my bracelet lose connection with my phone frequently?
A: Please check if your phone or other security software sets “Zeroner” as trusted APP or not. If not, please set it as trusted and try again.

4. 6. Q: Is the bracelet waterproof?
A: The bracelet is only waterproof (IP55), please remove the bracelet in the shower or when swimming.

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