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Smart Bracelet V6 HeartRate Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual HeartRate V6 with blood pressure monitor and pedometer

Smart Watch HeartRate V6 Instruction Manual

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch

The product user manual includes the product functions, use-method and the operation procedure. Please read the user manual carefully to get the best experiences, prevent unnecessary damage. Please do not break down the accessories and disassemble the Smart bracelet, or we will not provide the free warranty.

The gift box contains:
1 Smart bracelet;1 Watchband;
1 Magnetic Charging USB cable;
1 User manual.

Smart Bracelet Introduction

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch

Bracelet operation instructions

1.Bracelet each function page

1.1 Time

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Time

1.2 Sport

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Sport
HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Sport modes

1.3 Pedometer

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Pedometer

1.4 Calorie

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Calorie

1.5 Sleep test

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Sleep test

1.6 Healthy

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Healthy
HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Healthy mode

1.7 News

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch News

1.8 Tool

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Tool
HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Tool screens

2. Main function description

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Main function

Chip: NRF51822
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Screen size: 0.96 inches
Screen pixels: 128*64
Compatible system: Android 4.0 or higher, IOS 7.0 or higher
Standby time: routine standby for 20 days, 5---7 days in use

3. Bracelet brief operation

3.1 Touch function Side key function

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch Touch area

Wake up the screen at the icon position, or press touch Area to wake up the screen and switch the different function interfaces in turn.

In the main interface, press the touch Area, you can choose different home page.

3.2 Charge

• The charging clamp can be charged normally on the host computer.
• When the bracelet is charged, the battery power grid scroll display. The battery mark on the screen is full when the battery is full.

3.3 Health data

Bracelet boot state pedometer and sleep is enabled by default; to exercise the interface by side key, enter the exercise mode, divided into walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming, football, basketball, badminton. Press the touch Area to exit;

Health by side key into the interface: heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen model. The heart rate pattern, contact with the skin, the light flashes and open the bracelet heart rate detection, blood pressure pattern, ring light, blood tests, press the touch Area to exit;

Successfully connected with the APK Bluetooth hand ring end pedometer / sleep / heart rate data in real time automatically synchronized to the mobile phone side, click to view monthly health the data report, and APK home interface synchronization Bracelet end power.

• Step by step: at 12 in the evening, bracelet end step data will be cleared.
• Sleep: you can set sleep monitoring time at the mobile terminal.

3.4 More

In the more interface by touch Area, enter the options (restore factory settings, shutdown, two-dimensional code, stopwatch, hand on screen, push message): restore factory settings interface, press the touch Area , can restore the factory settings; in the shutdown interface by side key, can be shutdown; in the stopwatch interface by side key, stopwatch mode, again by the touch Area , the stopwatch is running, press the touch Area to exit the stopwatch mode; the hand bright screen and message delivery interface by side select switch.

3.5 Bluetooth connection

3.5.1 Download App

Android System: application treasure, pea pods and other applications market search
IOS system: App Store search, move to download APP "FunDo".

1. Through QR code scanning Download:

HeartRate V6 Smart Watch QR code app

Android System: through QQ, WeChat or other applications to scan the QR code, the link jumps to the download interface for download;

IOS System: through the QQ, WeChat or other applications to scan the QR code, you can choose to use QQ browser or local Safari browser link to jump to the download interface for download (followed by a direct link to APPSTORE)

HeartRate V6 Safari browser link

Android mobile APP Name and Apple phone APP Name is "FunDo" HeartRate V6 APP FunDo.

3.5.2 Sign in

Turn on the following diagram:

HeartRate V6 Sign in APP

3.5.3 Bluetooth connectivity

After the bracelet is switched on, Bluetooth has been in the search state, into the sub action page, click more options, click on the connection device, click search, choose to connect Bracelet device name, click on the connection to connect successfully.

HeartRate V6 Bluetooth connectivity

After successful Bluetooth connection, bracelet time and mobile terminal time synchronization, APK Click to find bracelet, bracelet bright screen vibration and display prompt icon.


Bluetooth automatic reconnection:

1. Beyond the scope of the Bluetooth connection Bracelet without warning, when the bracelet to reach the Bluetooth connection range, open APK Bluetooth will automatically reconnect.

2. Close the application background or restart the phone, or click on the phone comes with a key clean-up, once again into the sub move, Bluetooth connectivity within the valid range, Bluetooth will automatically re connect.

4. Other functions

4.1 Notifications

Call notification, SMS notification, message notification, etc. (Example: set up the incoming call notification, when the mobile terminal receives an incoming call, the bracelet side vibration bright screen reminder, the interface will show the caller icon, click the touch button to stop reminding.

4.2 Do Not Disturb

Open the disturbance mode, in addition to the alarm, notify all settings to open the reminder, there will be no end ring automatic light screen vibrating alert.

4.3 Sedentary reminder

Set the start to the end of time and sedentary time interval (in minutes) and threshold (step), click enter duplicate set selection (weeks), sedentary reminder date when sedentary time arrived bright screen and display Bracelet end vibration alert Icon.

4.4 Alarm clock

APK click on the alarm clock to remind the alarm clock to set the time to add, when the alarm clock time to reach the end of the bracelet vibration bright screen to remind and display alarm clock icon.

4.5 Reminder mode

• Bright screen: when the mobile phone APK terminal to set the alarm clock time to reach or receive a push message, the bracelet side only shows a bright screen reminder.

• Vibration: when the mobile phone APK terminal to set the alarm clock time to reach or receive a push message, the bracelet side only vibration reminder.

• Bright screen + vibration: when the mobile phone APK terminal to set the alarm clock time to reach or receive a push message, the bracelet side shows a bright screen + vibration reminder.

4.6 Gesture intelligent control

Choose the way to wear (left / right), the bracelet will be worn on the players (left / right)

• The hand light screens: the open hand bright screen, hand to face in front of their inward tilt bracelet, bracelet end display bright screen.

• Fanwan light screens: open fanwan bright screen, 90 degree flip the bracelet tilt inward facing the front of their own, bright screen display terminal Bracelet.

4.7 Equipment binding

Open the power, in the "more" interface, click "connect equipment" will pop up "the equipment" and the current device disconnect, click, will be whether to disconnect the Bluetooth, choose OK to unlashing (Bluetooth connection under the premise of success in). Sync to system settings and disconnect from Bluetooth device.

Matters needing attention:

1. Support Bluetooth 4 Android4.3 or iOS 7 and above versions of the device;

2. For the first time, please connect the charger to activate the bracelet;

3. Account login failed, please try to switch account or Facebook/ WhatsApp, log in, and at the same time to determine whether the network is abnormal;

5. Bluetooth connectivity:
A.Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on and the bracelet is turned on;
B.When searching for Bluetooth, make sure that the bracelet is not bound by other accounts;
C.Search Bluetooth, bracelet and mobile phone as far as possible in the distance.

6. If you do not receive the push button to push the message, please confirm the operation of the mobile phone in the background, and the message notification is open (auxiliary function also need to open);

7. If the movement, sleep, and heart rate data are not synchronized to APK, try disconnecting the Bluetooth connection.

8. Bracelet binding another account need to be tied with the current account;

9. If the bracelet can not be bright screen, please connect the bracelet charger.

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